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Kimberly Croft



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Scarlett Fergusson’s life is anything but perfect. Working as a waitress in a small town, she lives with her addicted father, his girlfriend, and her toddler. Scarlett dreams of a better life. When wealthy Hugh Cruz sweeps her off her feet, she’s ready to believe that her life has turned around. And when Hugh proposes, her fairytale ending suddenly seems possible.

But Hugh isn’t the man she thinks he is. Cruel, controlling, and violent, he turns her fairytale into a nightmare. Scarlett can’t believe the woman she’s become. Just when things can’t get any worse for Scarlett, the unthinkable happens. Is it the end, or a new beginning?

Unbroken is the tale of a woman’s fight for survival, and her quest to discover her own strength.

Why we love this book...

We chose to publish Unbroken after being captivated by the emotional tug-of-war between Scarlett’s discovery of the love of her life and leaving everything behind in Cutler, Maine. Hugh Cruz, the wealthy business tycoon, sweeps Scarlett off her feet, allowing Scarlett to feel saved from a life she’d outgrown. After he proves to be more monster than prince, we quickly sprinted to the next pages to uncover the chaos that is Hugh Cruz. Unbroken pushes the boundaries of protection, redefines affection, and exhibits the strength of familial ties. We are proud to publish this book at Genius Book Publishing. 

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